The Flying Flea resulted from a request by the former Dutch DKW importer for a replica of Holland's then best selling motorcycle, the 98cc DKW RT following the withdrawal of the DKW concession on religious grounds. Royal Enfield obliged, producing a machine that closely followed the DKW design, although they increased capacity to 125cc.Flying Flea aka the Airborne. This lightweight 125cc bike could be dropped by parachute along with airborne troops. The factory also manufactured a variety of special instruments and apparatuses to use against enemy forces during war.Complete with its own parachute and packing cage, the Flying Flea could be dropped from an aircraft along with the troops provided a means of motorized battlefield transport not previously available.The Flea was fitted into a steel tubular cage called the ‘Bird Cage’, which had a parachute attached to it. The cage aided in packing turning handlebars easily

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46 wd re

engine no 11598
frame no   11665
this bike was sold by imperial war museum duxford

45 wd re

engine no C 9482
frame no RE M 17918

   This bike lives in Queensland Australia



      one owner for last 35 years +
     with correct
     folding foot rests, long  seat mount,
     full folding kickstarter,beancan   

     down pipe 1937 pattern hand grips

     no      C 5111 465
     engine no 10424
     frame number 10242

48 model wd re

Engine Number 26151

 Frame REM 26270.

 nsw australia

1952 re2         2nd owner

completely original paint wiring
pump.Only new part is the gear lever
originally owned Bernard Butler
in leicester in uk

engine and frame number is re38366

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                 Flea unearthed recently at Arnheim The Netherlands

royal enfield paratroops motorcycle flying flea airborne normandy d day